Prevent and Reverse Chronic Inflammation- The New Silent Killer

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What is Chronic Inflammation

Most often inflammation and chronic inflammation are mistaken as similar; however, the two are different conditions.  Acute Inflammation is known as the immune response to an infection, pain, o injury and that isn’t really a concern.  Chronic inflammation on the other hand  is a disease and that is when drastic life style changes must take place.

Chronic Inflammation is often times the root cause of chronic degenerative diseases. While the normal type of inflammation may be good for the body as part of the natural defense mechanism, helping it heal and protect itself, chronic inflammation has been found to be more damaging to your organs than scientist ever thought.

When the immune system shows signs of imbalance and the causative agent persists, it can cause acute inflammation to become chronic, igniting feelings of a smoldering fire in the body, pain, and discomfort which contributes to disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, 7 out of 10 Americans lose their lives due to a chronic disease.


Causes of Chronic Inflammation

An inflammatory response that continues for a prolonged duration- chronic inflammation is caused by:

  • Persistent infections caused by extra‐cellular pathogens or intra-cellular pathogens, environmental antigen, viral or microbial infection.
  • Persistent activation of inflammatory molecules.
  • Prolonged exposure to pro‐inflammatory materials

Certain foods, including dairy products specially from commercial feed lot animals, sugar, coffee, according to the website, might also be regarded as allergens causing chronic inflammation. Inflammation becomes chronic when there is a persistent stimulus, coming from environmental toxins,  cigarette smoke and household chemicals.

Free radicals damage our cells and DNA via a process best known as oxidation.  Free radicals  develop in foods prepared using processed vegetable oils (fried foods or rancid oils=oxidation), high fructose corn syrup– which combined are usually the end result of most processed foods .

The stimulus might also be an allergy to gluten or a low-grade or a lingering infection from an old injury. Pro-inflammatory cytokines, which belong to the immune system, kill cells having oxidative chemicals. However, if they continue to attack, they start killing the cells needed by the body to thrive.  The good news is that, by adding Antioxidants from foods vegetables, fruits, healthy fish and fats to your diet–you can prevent and even reverse the formation of free radicals.

Signs & Symptoms What Contributes To Chronic Inflammation What Reverses Chronic Inflammation


Sugar Vegetables Juice

Gastro-Intestinal disorders

Processed Foods Gluten Free Foods (Buckwheat, Quinoa,Millet, Rice, Non-GMO Corn)

Chronic pain (muscles, joints,migraines)

Alcohol  Avoid Grains(if severe inflammation)

Allergies that worsen

high fructose corn syrup  Turmeric, Ginger & Aloe Vera

Fatigue, weakness

Feed-lot commercial meats Pastured, Organic humanly raised meats,butter (CLA)

Elevated Glucose Levels

High glycemic Index Foods Salmon, Sardines or supplementing with  Krill & Fish Oils

Skin irritations, rashes

Pesticides & herbicides Fruits (preferably organic)

High Blood pressure

No sleep Mild-hacking cough

Strees & Little Sleep

 Stressful job, unhealthy habits Meditation, Yoga, good solid sleep,


How Chronic Inflammation Affects the Body

  • Chronic inflammation weakens and suppresses the immune system, thus increasing the risk of formation of cancerous tumors and chronic diseases like Cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies,rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic migraines, and Alzheimers.  The longer the inflammation persists, the higher the risk of carcinogenesis. In essence, Chronic inflammation symptoms are disease in itself and the pain, discomfort created by the conditions mentioned above.
  • Prolonged inflammation kills brain nerve cells in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Chronic inflammation in a joint destroys cartilage and posing a serious threat of arthritis.
  • Persistent inflammation of kidneys may lead to kidney failure.
  • Unchecked and prolonged inflammation in the pancreas might result in pancreatitis, destroying pancreatic islet cells that produce insulin. This poses a severe risk of type 1 diabetes.
  • Unchecked or persistent inflammation is increasingly being linked to cardiovascular disease and cancers. According to the Wall Street Journal, new scientific evidence reveals that chronic inflammation is linked to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, lupus, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, allergies and even auto-immune disorders like autism.

How to Prevent, Cure and Reverse Chronic Inflammation:

Prevention should always be your first goal in avoiding chronic inflammation. However if you are already there, you can do the following:

  •  Immediately change your life style and adapt a balanced diet rich in nourishing, anti inflammatory juices, and healing foods .   That way you will be ahead of the game in fighting the root cause of many diseases: Chronic Inflammation.   Here is an example other foods that lower inflammation while reducing pain at the same time.
  • 5-foods-that-lower-inflamma
  • Remove alcohol, process foods, sugar {this is a big one} and it is hidden in many packaged, baked goods, and refined carbs.   Here is a great interactive Anti-Inflammatory-Food-Pyramid created by Dr. Weil with reliable and sound advice on what foods to eat lots of and what foods/drinks to consume in moderation.   Note: While I love this advise I use coconut and avocado oil, pastured butter or ghee for cooking and DO NOT USE or recommend (canola oil). anti-inflammatory-food-pyraSee full interactive Pyramid here on Dr. Weils websiteinteractive Anti-Inflammatory-Food-Pyramid
  •  As we all know processed foods and SUGAR are the culprit of inflammation, but don’t forget that alcohol and excessive stress contribute to the problem in many ways than one.  That is why, the key to reversing inflammation is to add anti-inflammatory foods listed here, cut down on alcohol to a minimum, sleeping well, and managing stress by practicing activities such as tapping therapy, yoga, meditation, and pretty much anything that lowers your pulse/heart rate.   Studies like this one have connected a high pulse rate to heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.
  • Turmeric for example has on of the highest anti-inflammatory factors of any spice, along with ginger, and a diet rich in mostly raw vegetables.

In addition to this, you can also opt for natural remedies to treat chronic inflammation. If you want to find out:

1. how to prevent or reduce Chronic Inflammation.

2. Find the best source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory qualities with an unheard potency that is 48X more effective than fish oil.

3. Discover the 9 regenerative remedies that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities and many more tips your doctor never told you, mainly because he is too busy with a thousand other patients.


Links to the Health or Remedy Reports will redirect you to Barton Publishers website.    Barton has over 25 years of experience researching the best natural remedies .   If you  have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.


If you’d like to find more helpful information on Chronic inflammation, or you have inflammatory diseases such as; Rheumatoid arthritis, Gluten Intolerance, IBS, Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes I’d like to share with you what some call “a last resort” treatment–  the Anti- Inflammatory Diet Remedy Report  from Barton Publishing.


As always thanks for reading!

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic inflammation, and rely heavily on medication?  I’m wondering what other people think about natural treatments to reverse it. Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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